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 Free  The Occupational Therapy Hub turns 4!

This August, we mark four years of empowering the global occupational therapy community - via an online information platform, open to all. The Hub Team would like to say thank you, to every Member, contributor, writer and host of podcasts, webinars, forums and Journal Clubs! Together we will continue to grow, supporting clinicians, students, patients and clients...


 Free  OT Circles ends; Therapy Forum to grow and continue

Both OT Circles and the Therapy Forum have allowed Members to connect directly, to share knowledge and resources. We want to invest time in and focus on moderating one of them. Therapy Forum received most votes in the June Members' poll, so OT Circles has now ceased running. Network 24/7, with clinicians and students worldwide; for support, learning and CPD visit your Therapy Forum!


 Plus+  Research: Effect of OT home visit discharge planning on participation after stroke

After a first stroke, the transition from rehabilitation to home can be confronting and fraught with challenges. Although stroke clinical practice guidelines recommend pre-discharge occupational therapy home visits, there is currently limited evidence to support this recommendation. Upgrade to Membership Plus+ to read the full primary research piece and about a new trial.


 Plus+  Updates: How OT and VR are helping brain and spinal cord injured patients heal

You could call Voltin a ninja warrior, using virtual reality games to rehab his body, partially paralysed from the neck down... Facilitated by an OT, VR helps reconnect neural pathways, stimulating nerve cell regeneration, sending signals between the brain and muscles. Plus+ Members: Get updated on this and other developments within healthcare and the profession, from around the world.


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"I wanted to drop a quick note saying that The Occupational Therapy Hub is brilliant. For an aspiring OT like myself, it's great to see a platform like this, to connect with like-minded individuals, have resources at my fingertips and just stay up-to-date with what's going on in the OT world."

Jessica (LinkedIn, 2021)

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