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"You are doing a fantastic work here... I had to stop placement and continue to work remotely, for clients in an acute inpatient mental health ward affected by the pandemic. The site has been helpful in practical ways, helping me to gain experience from senior colleagues."

Olu (email, 2020)

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 Plus+  Disability and dating: People think I'm my boyfriend's carer

"Disabled people spend too much time trying to get society to understand the 'social model of disability.'" "There's definitely a taboo around disability and sex, in that people think you cannot have both." Upgrade to Membership Plus+ to read this and all stories and updates.

 Free  Events: Exploring Occupations in Occupational Therapy 

Presenting our first ever event series! We will highlight, explore and amplify voices, visions, passions and varied occupational therapy practice areas and settings, around the world. New episodes air live online and are open to everyone. Past episodes can then be watched anytime within OT Webinars, which Plus+ Members have unlimited access to.

 Plus+  Case Studies become a Membership Plus+ exclusive

A library of in-depth accounts, detailing interventions with anonymised patients and service users. Case studies provide valuable insights into specialisms and settings you may not have experienced. This Therapy Articles section is now exclusive to Plus+ Members.

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