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Image by Clark Tibbs

A Career in Occupational Therapy

Considering or developing occupational therapy as a career? Read on.


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Anatomy of an OT (_happylittleot) (updated).jpg

There are many reasons to choose to become an occupational therapist. A key few:


  • Make a genuine difference to people's everyday lives - ability, meaning, roles, confidence

  • Work with varied groups of people - children, teenagers, adults, older people; cultural and socio-economic contrasts

  • Work in varied settings - hospitals, schools, the community, charities, prisons; statutory and private services

  • Career flexibility - to retrain and specialise within other areas of practice

This is our kind of anatomy lesson! A great advocacy image, highlighting key skills and qualities of an occupational therapist.

Graphic created by student OT Maddy Bell
@happylittleot on Instagram) in 2022.

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