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Jamie Grant | Founder / Managing Director

Occupational Therapist in Bristol. Directing from Bristol and London, UK

With a decade of experience in hospitality, media and television production, Jamie took a new direction. After spending a year as a mental health support worker, he decided that a career in health care better matched his values. Jamie relocated from London to Bristol, to train as an Occupational Therapist at the University of the West of England.

Jamie is a neurological Occupational Therapist, working in a brain injury rehabilitation unit. He is passionate about this practice area and is keen to develop within the specialism. Previously he worked as a rotational Occupational Therapist (acute NHS hospital setting) and within the community (urgent care rapid response team). Jamie has also worked on placement within stroke rehabilitation and at a young persons' mental health charity.

The Occupational Therapy Hub has been Jamie's labour of love, since he first launched the platform in 2017. He enjoys collaborating with occupational therapists and healthcare staff around the world. He has a bold vision for the Hub. By sharing knowledge and breaking down information and international barriers, Jamie believes that his team can make a valued contribution to health and social care. He strives to bring a global online community together. In doing so, he hopes The Occupational Therapy Hub can directly support clinicians and students - and indirectly help patients and clients.

Sarah Davies | Team Coordinator

Occupational Therapist in Weston-super-Mare, UK

With a past degree in Philosophy, Sarah has completed her Occupational Therapy degree at UWE Bristol. She now works as an Occupational Therapist in a service supporting women with personality disorder. She has placement experience within community mental health, Complex Assessment Liaison Service teams and, most recently, working in a homelessness setting.

Outside academia, Sarah has managed iDID Bristol, now Bristol Inclusive Thrill Seekers (BITS). This is a fully inclusive volunteer-led club, whose aim is to provide access to and increase participation in adventure sports. Since its launch in 2014, it has supported people of all ages and abilities to engage in rock climbing and kayaking. Sarah's links with Access Sport and local Bristol organisations have made the club a continuing success. 

Bill Knight | Technical / Resources + Services Lead

Occupational Therapist in Bristol, UK

Bill completed a degree in Occupational Therapy at UWE Bristol. This builds on a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics and a degree in Systems Analysis. After over a decade in the NHS as an IT Business analyst, he wanted to consolidate his knowledge of healthcare processes with practical experience of patient care. Placement experience has covered acute and community stroke, cancer support, falls community work and, lastly, horticultural therapy.


Bill is interested in combining his past experience in healthcare IT with his new clinical OT knowledge, having previously worked in telehealth, clinical systems and mobile working projects. The role of adaptive technology has appeal with its increasing application within OT. 


As a balance, Bill also enjoys allotment gardening, which was expressed with a horticultural therapy placement and dissertation on its potential for improving mental health. Voluntary experience includes working for the past 10 years for a medical charity at music festivals, which reflects his love of music and playing.

Shelley Faulkner | Strategic Partnerships Lead

Occupational Therapist in Worcestershire, UK


Shelley graduated with a BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy in 2017, from the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol. She previously advised on equality and human rights, but her life was changed when she was involved in a road traffic incident in 2013. Following her recovery Shelley decided that she would like to give something back and began training to become an occupational therapist. Shelley has completed band 5 rotations on trauma, orthopaedics and medical wards and in community rehabilitation in Norfolk. She has returned to The Midlands to carry out a role as an Occupational Therapist in community.

Shelley is particularly passionate in utilising the skill of creative problem solving, thinking of simple adaptations and re-education before a ‘less is more’ approach to equipment provision. She is a keen advocate for social inclusion and enjoys using existing services, such as Remap and other charities, to share ideas and develop knowledge. Shelley believes both in empowering individuals to become their own advocate and being an active part of their rehabilitation, by completing appropriate referrals onto members of the wider multi-disciplinary team.

Shelley’s passions outside of work are volunteering for Back Up Trust, litter picking, organising and handy-crafts.

Charmi Shah | Community Forum Lead

Occupational Therapist in Mumbai, India

Charmi (B.OTh, M.O.Th - Neurosciences) has a Master’s degree as an occupational therapist in Neurosciences from Seth G.S Medical College and King Edward Memorial Hospital (Maharashtra University of Health sciences), India. Starting her professional career in 2013, she has worked in diverse settings, from acute care rehabilitation to community-based rehabilitation and home healthcare, handling both adult and paediatric cases efficiently.

Charmi loves experimenting with both traditional and non-traditional occupational therapy approaches and enjoys helping her clients develop motor, sensory, cognitive and functional skills. Currently working at a hospital-based set-up, she is managing and leading the therapy services in the department.

Besides her clinical role, she is a creative person and an enthusiast. Her leisure pursuits include being in nature, photography, fine-arts and dancing. She is zealous in promoting and creating awareness about the vastness/scope of occupational therapy practices amongst fellow healthcare professionals and the community.

Abigail Matthews | Therapy Articles Lead

Occupational Therapist in Plymouth, UK

Abigail graduated in 2017 with an MSc in pre-reg Occupational Therapy from Plymouth University, UK. She has worked in community adult mental health and learning disabilities as a mental health practitioner; supporting people in their own homes through the recovery model. Abigail found a passion for empowering this client group, focusing on skill development and increasing independent living skills. Through working with those who have a learning disability, Abigail has developed a passion for advocating for the rights and choices of those who are vulnerable. A large part of the job involves supporting communication and making reasonable adjustments through best practice. Working in a generic role, Abigail valued the challenge of weaving her OT skills into practice to promote the benefits of OT across mental healthcare.


Abigail has a passion for learning and gaining new experiences in the world of OT. She has an interest in research and promoting the value of the profession, through evidence based practice. In her spare time, Abigail enjoys exercising at the gym and cycling, reading and going to the beach with friends and family.

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Kiersti Njaa | Podcast Lead

Occupational Therapist in Oslo, Norway

Kiersti studied at the University of Alberta, graduating in 2014 with a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy. She worked for 4 years in an outpatient brain injury clinic that specialised in working with people following difficult concussions, moderate to severe brain injuries and strokes. The clinic saw many individuals return to their valued occupations such as work, leisure and activities of daily living, in large part due to the collaborative and interdisciplinary approach provided by the team. Kiersti understands the importance of working with and learning from each other to better the outcomes for clients. She believes that occupation is critical for people to enjoy a full, meaningful life. She also believes in the importance of professional development, practical knowledge and work experience. For these reasons, she is excited about the opportunity to help connect like-minded professionals at The Occupational Therapy Hub.


Kiersti and her husband have recently moved to Oslo, Norway, where they are learning about a new culture, language and finding new places to explore. In her spare time, Kiersti enjoys being outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

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Alexandra Hunter | Student Engagement Lead

Occupational Therapist in London, UK

Alex graduated with an MSc in February 2020 from the University of East Anglia. She has a previous BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Roehampton. Having tried many jobs, she came across OT whilst working in a school setting. She has since gained an array of experiences as a therapy assistant within an acute hospital, as well as in acute mental health, a reablement service and a neuro-rehab hospital, as a student.


Alex is an avid lover of the outdoors and keeping fit. She can often be found walking, cycling, skiing, camping and playing tag rugby in her free time. She looks forward to graduating and beginning her career in Occupational Therapy and developing as a practitioner. Alex is passionate about spreading the word of OT to the wider public and is particularly keen to demonstrate the wide array of settings in which OTs are involved. She feels this is important for the continued development and growth of the profession and as a means to entice future OTs into the profession.

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo | Events Lead

Occupational Therapist and Certified Counsellor in Mumbai, India

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo (she/her) is an Occupational Therapist, advocate, writer, practitioner, Personal Counsellor and Student Mentor, based in Mumbai, India. She specialises in the areas of Sexuality and Mental Health and wishes to pursue her further education and research in those areas. She currently works in school-based and home healthcare settings, serving a diverse population of all age groups. 

She is also the founder of Sex, Love and OT - a sex-positive, inclusive, integrated platform for clients as well as healthcare practitioners - to educate, normalise and equip everyone with tools and resources to make sexually healthier spaces for all individuals. She also holds a safe space for counselling (solo or partnered) as an extension to her services, solely focusing on Sexuality and Mental Health concerns.


Apart from being a full-time OT, she pursues her love for doodling through Occupational Therapy illustrations, besides dancing, watching TV shows/dramas, memes and reading books.

Claire Davies | Company Secretary

Based in London, UK

Graduating from Sheffield University with a degree in Law, Claire is currently working at digital scheduling company. Past roles include Paralegal and Office Manager in the London office of a well-known Belgian chocolate company. Claire brings many years of knowledge of the legal sector and has previously been an EA for a charity start-up and a policy officer at City Hall, in the Mayor's office.

Outside of work, Claire seems to be continuously renovating her 'project' flat and enjoying everything London has to offer. But she loves to escape to the mountains as many times as possible in the winter, to get back on the skis!

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