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The Occupational Therapy Hub Team

We passionately empower clinicians, students and those they support.

Our team of occupational therapists spans cultures and skillsets.

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Jamie Grant - Team
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Jamie Grant
Founder and Managing Director
Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist in Bristol, UK

With a decade of experience in hospitality, media and television production, Jamie took a new direction. After a year as a mental health support worker, he decided that a career in healthcare better matched his values. Jamie relocated from London to Bristol, to train as an Occupational Therapist at the University of the West of England (UK).

Jamie works clinically as an Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist, providing outpatient rehabilitation. He integrates neuro-technology and traditional functional rehab methods, to maximise outcomes for adults. Previously, he worked for a community paediatric disability service and before that in a brain injury rehabilitation unit. Other past experiences include being a rotational OT (in acute NHS hospitals) and working within an urgent care rapid response team. Jamie also completed placements within stroke rehabilitation and at a young persons' mental health charity.

The Occupational Therapy Hub has been Jamie's labour of love, since he first launched the platform in 2017. He enjoys collaborating with occupational therapists and healthcare staff around the world. He has a bold vision for the Hub. By sharing knowledge and breaking down information and international barriers, Jamie believes that his team can make a valued contribution to health and social care. He strives to bring a global community together. In doing so, The Occupational Therapy Hub can directly empower clinicians and students, indirectly supporting patients and clients.

Abigail Brown - Therapy Articles Lead, The Occupational Therapy Hub

Abigail Brown
Therapy Articles Lead
Occupational Therapist in Hereford, UK

Abigail graduated in 2017 with an MSc in pre-reg Occupational Therapy from Plymouth University, UK. She has worked in community adult mental health and learning disabilities as a mental health practitioner; supporting people in their own homes through the recovery model. Abigail found a passion for empowering this client group, focusing on skill development and increasing independent living skills. Through working with those who have a learning disability, Abigail has developed a passion for advocating for the rights and choices of those who are vulnerable. A large part of the job involves supporting communication and making reasonable adjustments through best practice. Working in a generic role, Abigail valued the challenge of weaving her OT skills into practice to promote the benefits of OT across mental healthcare.


Abigail has a passion for learning and gaining new experiences in the world of OT. She has an interest in research and promoting the value of the profession, through evidence based practice. In her spare time, Abigail enjoys exercising at the gym and cycling, reading and going to the beach with friends and family.

Tia (Ainun Meutia) - Paediatrics Lead, The Occupational Therapy Hub

Ainun Meutia ('Tia')
Paediatrics Lead
Occupational Therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tia is a school-based occupational therapist, with more than 10 years’ experience. Since graduating from the University of Indonesia, Tia has been working in the school setting; teaching and coaching have always been her passion. She is also a guest lecturer for the occupational therapy major at her alma mater.

Tia loves iced coffee as much as she loves sharing her knowledge and experiences in parenting classes, talking about attachment and child development. Currently she is interested to learn more about the occupation of sleep.

Claire Davies Gaunt - Company Secretary, The Occupational Therapy Hub

Claire Davies Gaunt
Company Secretary
Based in Kent, UK

Graduating from Sheffield University with a degree in Law, Claire is currently also working at a digital scheduling company. Past roles include Paralegal and Office Manager in the London office of a well-known Belgian chocolate company. Claire brings many years of knowledge of the legal sector and has previously been an EA for a charity start-up and a policy officer at City Hall, in the Mayor's office.

Outside of work, Claire enjoys everything Kent and London have to offer. But she loves to escape to the mountains as many times as possible in the winter, to get back on the skis!

Ainun Meutia - Team
Abigail Brown - Team
Claire Davies Gaunt - Team
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