Established 2017

The Occupational Therapy Hub

Passionately supporting clinicians, students,
patients and clients. 

Via a worldwide, information-sharing community platform. Inclusive to everyone.

 What we do 

 The Needs 

 To openly share ideas and resources across the international community 


 To provide a community of practice, to reduce geographic and professional isolation 

 To be a more widely recognised profession, by the wider public 

 The Aim 

To better and more inclusively support clinicians, students, patients and clients

 The Goals  
Led by our two core passions:



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Prioritising Member engagement

Championing the evidence base

Greater global representation

Growth of Membership Plus+

The occupational therapy information platform and global community.

Made by occupational therapists. Shaped by its Membership.


The Occupational Therapy Hub is managed by The OT Hub Ltd.

Registered in England and Wales. Company number: 11084421.

The Occupational Therapy Hub

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Information and recommendations on The Occupational Therapy Hub are shared by the global community. Whilst we review all pages, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided. Content within the platform does not constitute medical advice. Get in touch.