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  • How to Actually Put Research into Practice

    There is a lot of information out there. How do we as Occupational Therapists (OTs) find what we need for our specific clients, in a time-sensitive way? This process of putting research into practice is complex and there are some strategies you can use to make it a little bit easier and fit into your busy OT day. 1. Gather your questions When I was a practising OT, I had a notepad or sticky note taped to my computer and would write questions as they occurred to me. Often, if I did not do this, I would forget about them by the end of the day. This strategy is helpful for me to follow up outcomes at the end of the day. 2. Search keywords in multiple databases When I search for items in Google, I often pull out the keywords of something that I am looking for, versus typing in the entire question. For example: Pediatrics AND sensory processing AND intervention vs “What is the best intervention for sensory processing?” This is how I can speak the language of the search engine and databases. Some search engines no longer require the AND/OR but I still use them just in case. Finding systematic reviews will also save you time, because they combined a lot of articles into one review. 3. Find relevant articles that are legitimate This is the part where I have heard from many occupational therapists that it is where they get stuck; not only accessing the articles, but finding if they are legit or not can be overwhelming. Here are a few tools that I use to help this: Finding Articles ProQuest through NBCOT Local Library Supporting Fieldwork Students Open Access Journals Making Sure Articles are Legit Cincinnati Children’s Evidence Evaluation Tool Chart Check out this graphic 4. Imagine doing the intervention with your client After I find a good article with solid results, I go directly to the methods section where they describe the intervention. Then I imagine what that would look like in my setting. This is where our OT viewpoint can shine, because we are good at adapting things to fit the context. Just make sure that if there is a protocol you stick to it as best as possible, because that can lead to not getting the same results as the article. Authors are always super excited to chat too, if you have questions on what is a reasonable deviation from their intervention. I also take a second to think about any barriers that might be present if I try to use this information. Is there a cost associated with this that I need support with? Do I have the appropriate training? Do I know what to do based on what the article says? 5. Track how it is going I then try to find an assessment (maybe the same one the study uses) that can measure the change that I am trying to make (an outcome measure). For example, when I’m looking at strategy training for an adolescent working on executive functioning skills, I may want to use the Goal Attainment Scale along with the GOAL to combine both information from the client and observable changes. 6. If no meaningful changes are made, start over again Often I try something and it does not work. That does not mean I am a bad OT, but that I need to go back to the drawing board and am that much closer to finding something that works for the client. There are new research studies coming out every day and the answer could be right around the corner... Interested in learning more about putting research into practice along with other OTs - as well as access to easy-to-read infographic research summaries, to support this process?

  • Case study | OT and Community Mental Health

    Written by Abigail Matthews, Occupational Therapist (UK)

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  • Looking for Contemplating retirement? Recently retired? People for work to retirement (W2R) Project

    Contemplating retirement? Recently retired? Managing the work to retirement transition is currently an underdeveloped and under-researched area of practice within occupational therapy. If you are contemplating retirement? Or have you recently retired we need your help! Are you able to help? We have been developing a program for the past year to support the needs of people who are either about to retire or have recently retired from the perspective of the transition from work to retirement (W2R). The next step is to understand the needs of pre-retired and retired people and use the findings to further develop the W2R manual. The aim is to gather information about your experience of the retirement transition in your life. Whilst you are unlikely to personally benefit from this study your experience will enable us to develop a better intervention that is more likely to be of value to people preparing for retirement. This will increase the likelihood of its future use and the viability of it being an implementable intervention. Want to take part? To develop the manual, we are recruiting participants to take part in interviews which will be conducted online, we can use Zoom or MSMs Teams whichever you prefer, therefore travel is not required. If you would like to be part of or just want more information about this new and exciting project, please contact You are also responded to this post via OT Hub. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Worries of a new grad

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a lovely day, I'm super excited about starting a new role as a new graduate in an early intervention setting, however, I am really nervous about the challenges I may face in this new role, I have started researching certain topics that may be relevant to this setting ( e.g podcast, journal articles,) and honestly, it can be quite overwhelming, Hence, I was hoping to reach out to anyone here, if there is any specific topics that I should look into? and if there is any mentorship program that I can look into to seek further professional support, thank you! Kind Regards, June

  • COVID's affect on Therapeutic Communication

    As an OT student learning about the IRM and therapeutic communication-- I would like to gain some insight into the influence of communication in the time of COVID. Specifically around what is culturally respectful, including touching and gesturing. Any feedback is welcome, thank you!

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  • Resources + Services Portal | The Occupational Therapy Hub

    Resources + Services Portal Useful resources and services, for your care and career. Search or contribute to the global occupational therapy directory. Suggest new entry Specialisms Accessibility + Adaptation Activity Clubs Anatomy + Physiology Assistive Technology Autistic Spectrum Condition Career Development Carer Support Charities + Social Enterprises Coronavirus Cultural Considerations Dementia Fatigue Management Green + Outdoor Care Guidance, Laws + Acts Health Promotion Housing Learning Disabilities Manual Handling manual handling Mental Health Models + Outcome Measures Music Therapy Music Therapy Networking Neurology Nutrition Occupational Science Older People Other OT Platforms + Blogs Paediatrics Posture, Seating, Wheelchairs Professional Bodies More Specialisms > Suggest an entry The Occupational Therapy Hub currently knows of resources and services within the specialisms listed. This is not a definitive list and the database is regularly expanded. If you know of a resource or service that you believe should be showcased, suggest one here. Thank you! Suggestion submitted. Submit suggestion

  • Community Collaboration | The Occupational Therapy Hub

    Community Collaboration Let's grow, together. ​​​ The Occupational Therapy Hub is a global community of practice, shaped by Members. Getting involved helps to grow content for all - whilst contributing towards your CPD! As a thank you, we upgrade dedicated contributors to Membership Plus+ . ​ ​​ Contact the Hub Start or join a conversation... Your Therapy Forum facilitates learning, questions and debate, in a moderated professional environment. Why not read and contribute to occupational therapy-related discussion? A great additional tool for your CPD! Therapy Forum (Free) Get writing! Your eyes into occupational therapy. Including educative discussion topics, insightful reflections and case studies. Are you an OT, OTA, student or other healthcare professional? Contact us to become a Writer. Therapy Articles (Free/Plus+) Collaborative Professional Development We invite you to engage in our two-part programme. Learn from others, be an active part of the occupational therapy community and receive a certificate. Hub CPD (Free) Host The OT Journal Club! We have regular discussions on clinical applicability of articles, to enhance evidence-based practice and support your CPD. Why not host your own two-month Journal Club on the Hub? The OT Journal Club (Free) Add to the voices of occupational therapy We feature podcasts from around the world, for Members' ears to enjoy in one place. If you know of a podcast series that you think should be featured, let us know! Podcast Portal (Free) Help grow the global OT directory This portal contains useful resources and services for a clinician's care and career. All visitors can search expanding specialism categories. We need a collective input; what other resources or services should be included? Resources + Services Portal (Free) Share an event worth knowing about Our community promotes occupational therapy events around the world. If you know about a conference, seminar or networking evening worth sharing, let us know! Events (Free) Be a more visible Occupational Therapist! Are you an independent OT? We want the public to easily find you and benefit from your support. Get in touch if you would like the Hub to showcase what you offer. Access Occupational Therapists (Free) Disseminate your research Research Portal is our online gateway to showcase occupational therapy research with a global audience. Why not share infographics, original research, a literature review, opinion piece or a presentation? Research Portal (Plus+) Film or share video insights Plus+ Members watch short films related to occupational therapy, all in one place. Wherever you are in the world, you can contribute videos for others to learn from. Share existing content with the community, or create your own! Therapy Videos (Plus+) Highlight professional news and stories We collect online articles from around the world, signposting occupational therapy updates to Members. Bring one to our attention and be part of this collective effort. OT Updates (Plus+) Host an OT Webinar Plus+ Members access pre-recorded webinars, run by experienced clinicians. If you would like to host a v ideo presentation, interview, discussion or practical demonstration, w e want to hear from you! OT Webinars (Plus+) Community Collaboration : Contact us to get involved! Thank you! We'll be in touch with you soon. Send

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    Membership Terms of Use Privacy and Cookies Our Policies Latest update: 2nd December 2021 Communication PromOTe Partnerships Copyright Important notice from The Occupational Therapy Hub ​ Information and recommendations provided on The Occupational Therapy Hub have been shared by our global community. Whilst we review all web pages, we cannot guarantee quality or accuracy of all information. Therefore, platform content should not constitute medical advice. We cannot take responsibility for consequences arising from the actions of professionals or the public using the Hub's platform. Hub Membership Terms of Use The Occupational Therapy Hub is an information platform and global community, shaped by its Membership. To access the platform, anyone can join as a Free Hub Member . Membership Plus+ is an optional upgrade. 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In turn, this shapes and improves the service we provide you with. Cookies also allow any adverts shown to be more relevant A Facebook pixel within The Occupational Therapy Hub's website is used to gauge the efficacy of any social media adverts we run ​ Protecting your information Information processed within The Occupational Therapy Hub is encrypted via secure HTTPS networks Data is backed up securely in a cloud-based drive managed by our platform host By using the platform and/or joining as a Hub Member, you consent to our Policies (signposted on the Sign up screen). HUB MEMBERSHIPS ( Free and Plus+ ) ​ Signing up as a Hub Member ​ ​ When you register as a Hub Member, you will be asked to provide a name, email address and a private password, which will become part of your Account information ​ The platform securely stores Membership details provided (further details below) Any information requested will be used to activate your account, provide the platform's services to you and communicate with you about the status of your A ccount Part of Membership, you receive periodic Member Newsletters * by email; these include CPD recommendations and service changes Settings and notifications can be adjusted at any time; click 'Settings' in the Member Bar , which sits top-right of every page The 'Sign up' screen includes a link to this Policies page, to review all policies prior to joining as a Member ​ Your Profile Page Each Hub Member is given their own Profile Page in the Member Portal * A public Profile Page is optional; to initiate, click 'Make Profile Public' via the '⋮' icon on your profile card ( in Member Portal) It includes the name used to sign up, alongside an optional profile picture and profile text - for the Member to promote their work in the occupational therapy profession Other than storing it for you, we do not do anything with information here; it is there for networking purposes only However, if information is posted that is deemed by Hub Management to be inappropriate or offensive, the Member will be notified and the information will be removed * Member Portal requires Member log in to access. 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We implement a variety of safety measures to maintain the security of your personal information: The personal information you provide within this platform is secured within HTTPS networks . HTTPS is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and The Occupational Therapy Hub site. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. These communications are encrypted. Data is backed up securely in a cloud-based drive . Member information is not stored in physical form. Statements from our website host: 'If you are a visitor, user or customer of any of our Users [The Occupational Therapy Hub], please read the following: [website host] has no direct relationship with the individual Users-of-Users whose Personal Information it processes. If you are a visitor, user or customer of [The Occupational Therapy Hub] and would like to make any requests or queries regarding your Personal Information, please contact [Hub Management] directly. 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Email alerts : Click 'Settings' in the Member Bar , which sits top- right of every web page [ The Member Bar also allows you to review account details, Plus+ Membership, orders placed and to log in/out of the Hub] Therapy Forum alerts : To adjust email or platform alerts for a specific forum, click the 'Follow'/'Following' button Member Newsletters : We send educative and CPD-related content periodically. These communications also keep Members updated about key service changes. If you no longer want to receive these, click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any newsletter ​ Third party links To provide a breadth of website content, we list third party links to useful, external resources and websites. These are mainly found in: Access Occupational Therapists , Therapy Forum , OT Updates * , Podcast Portal * , Therapy Videos * , Resources + Services Portal . These external links (websites, videos, PDF documents, podcast platforms) have separate and independent privacy policies. 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Alternative methods of communication are listed on the Contact us page. ​ ​ ​ Registration with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO ) ​ ​ Nature of work Occupational therapy information service and networking website. ​ Description of processing The following is a broad description of the way The Occupational Therapy Hub processes personal information. To understand how your own personal information is processed you may need to refer to any personal communications you have received, check any privacy notices the organisation has provided or contact the organisation to ask about your personal circumstances. Reasons/purposes for processing information We process personal information to enable us to provide a current, sustainable information service and networking website for our Hub Members and site visitors; to maintain our own accounts and records; to support and manage our staff team. Type of information processed We process information relevant to the above reasons and purposes. This can include: Hub Membership details, within the Member Portal * Therapy Articles * and Therapy Videos * content Financial details, for Plus+ Members and PromOTe Partnerships customers External resources in Access Occupational Therapists , the Podcast Portal * , Research Portal * and Resources + Services Portal * Portals marked with asterisks require Member log in to use. Membership sign up here . Who the information is processed about To operate our service to you, we need to process information about: ​ Hub Members (Free and Plus+) Visitors who inquire about or submit files to the information platform External podcasts External resources and services External research External occupational therapy practices External occupational therapists Who the information may be shared with In very rare circumstances, in the interest of the public, the company or its Members' safety or security, other governing organisations may need to be contacted. Where this is necessary we are required to comply with all aspects of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ( 2016/679 ) and the UK's Data Protection Act (2018). In this instance, only when required of us, we would share information with: employer associations examining bodies central government suppliers and service providers persons making an inquiry or complaint PromOTe Partnerships Terms of Service For attention of commercial partners and clients. ​ Please read these Terms of Service ('Terms') carefully before purchasing a PromOTe Partnerships plan. If you don’t agree to these Terms, as well as The Occupational Therapy Hub’s Privacy, Cookies and Communication Policies , you should not use our services. If you are entering into the Terms on beha