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Your Collaborative Professional Development Programme

Healthcare professionals are expected to undertake career-long professional development.
We believe that collaboration is key to this. Our short, shared-learning programme is open to you.

Hub CPD is composed of two activities.


1) Engage with fellow Members

Widen your perspective and learn from clinicians internationally! You can do this either via the:

  •  Therapy Forum  - Ask a profession or practice-related question, to occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and/or students.


  •  The OT Journal Club  - Add your thoughts, questions or reflections, on the host's journal article and accompanying analysis.



2) Submit a Therapy Article

This will be uploaded to the Hub, for others to read and learn from. If you've not written one before, fear not! This can be either of the following: 


  • ​ A short, referenced article  - on any specialism, setting or topic, related to occupational therapy or occupational science.



  •  A reflective piece  - inspired by professional experience or a student placement. Reflection is a core occupational therapy skill; why not put it to practice?

Once you have completed both activities, get back in touch with us, to receive your  Hub CPD certificate 

Questions about Hub CPD?

Keen to take part?

Email the Hub Team today, for Member's Writer access and to get started!

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