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The occupation of a pre-school child is to be independent and successful in aspects of classroom and playground activities, related to play and self-care. In this development period, children foster independence and a sense of ability from the activities that they try to do on their own. Three core activities need to be performed in pre-school: Eating, sleeping and toileting.

This infographic series (2024) covers bodily signals related to these three daily occupations. The format aims to assist children to build an awareness and understanding of these signs - and how to respond to them - in order to meet their core physiological needs.

Created by: Ainun Meutia (Tia) - Occupational Therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia; Hub Paediatrics Lead.

Format: PDF document (download)

Number of pages: 7

Pre-school Occupations: Understanding Eating, Sleeping and Toileting

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