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Membership Poll 2024

The Occupational Therapy Hub Membership Poll

Shaped by Members, The Occupational Therapy Hub is your global community of practice.

So, to focus efforts in developing resources and content most useful to you,
please submit opinions and feedback.

We will upgrade a random participant's account for free.
The poll closes on Sunday 30th June 2024.

Thank you in advance for your time!

The Occupational Therapy Hub Team

The Occupational Therapy Hub
Online platform and mobile app (iOS/Android)
  • This poll takes a few minutes to complete. Questions with an asterisk (*) require a response.

  • As a reference, to help you select answers, please click here to open a duplicate Hub webpage.

How long have you been using the Hub for?
How often do you access the Hub (platform/app)?
Which subject material(s) are you most interested in?
Which free resource(s) do you most use?
Which word(s) do you feel best describe The OT Hub app?
[Plus+ Members]: Which Plus+ resource(s) do you most use?
[Non-upgraded Members]: What might draw you to Plus+?
[Plus+ Members]: How do you feel about the upgrade cost?
Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Hub's resources, support and experience
Very dissatisfiedA bit dissatisfiedPretty satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied

Thank you very much for taking part!

We always seek to improve and will review every submission. You can expect changes in the months ahead.

The Membership Poll 2024 is now closed for submissions. Thank you for your interest.

To share further feedback or suggestions, please contact us.

Interested in being a more active part of the global occupational therapy community?

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