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The Occupational Therapy Hub is an information-sharing platform, shaped by Members.
We need the profession to come together, to support our Mission as a global community of practice.

Getting involved helps to grow content for others, whilst contributing towards your CPD. 
As a thank you, we upgrade dedicated contributors to Membership Plus+.

How can you get involved?​​

Start or join a conversation...

Your Therapy Forum facilitates learning, questions and debate, in a moderated professional environment. Why not read and contribute to occupational therapy-related discussion? A great additional tool for your CPD!

Get writing!

Your eyes into occupational therapy. Including educative discussion topics, insightful reflections and case studies. Are you an OT, OTA, student or other healthcare professional? Contact us to become a Writer.

Collaborative Professional Development

We invite you to engage in our two-part programme. Learn from others, be an active part of the occupational therapy community and receive a certificate. 

Host The OT Journal Club!

We have regular discussions on clinical applicability of articles, to enhance evidence-based practice and support your CPD. Why not host your own two-month Journal Club on the Hub?

Add to the voices of occupational therapy

We feature podcasts from around the world, for Members' ears to enjoy in one place. If you know of a podcast series that you think should be featured, let us know!

Share an event worth knowing about

Our community promotes occupational therapy events around the world. If you know about a conference, seminar or networking evening worth sharing, let us know!

Be a more visible Occupational Therapist!

Are you an independent OT? We want the public to easily find you and benefit from your support. Get in touch if you would like the Hub to showcase what you offer.

Highlight professional news and stories

We collect online articles from around the world, signposting occupational therapy updates to Members. Bring one to our attention and be part of this collective effort.

Disseminate your research

Research Portal is our online gateway to showcase occupational therapy research with a global audience. Why not share infographics, original research, a literature review, opinion piece or a presentation?

Help grow the global OT directory

This portal contains useful resources and services for a clinician's care and career. Plus+ Members search ever-expanding specialisms. We need a collective input; what other resources or services should be included?

Film or share video insights

Plus+ Members watch short films related to occupational therapy, all in one place. Wherever you are in the world, you can contribute videos for others to learn from. Share existing content with the community, or create your own!

Host an OT Webinar

Plus+ Members access pre-recorded webinars, run by experienced clinicians. If you would like to host a video presentation, interview, discussion or practical demonstration, we want to hear from you!

Community Collaboration
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