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In Version 1.0 of Occupational Therapy and Neurology, we first provide a compiled ‘A-to-Z’ of commonly used and standardised assessments and interventions. Brief outlines are followed by web links to read more, download the tool, or watch a video demonstration.

The majority of assessments can be repeated at intervals, providing clinicians with outcome measures that demonstrate progress made by clients/patients/service users. Many of these tools were designed for stroke and brain injury rehabilitation, but can be used with other diagnoses and pathologies. It is worth noting that the evidence base is ever-changing. Therapists should consult with senior practitioners on which tools are most appropriate for their setting and client group.

The final pages of this document focus on key considerations for working with traumatic brain injury (TBI). They outline an easy-read summary of findings from ‘Evidence-Based Practice for Traumatic Brain Injury: A Cognitive Rehabilitation Reference for Occupational Therapists’. These takeaways provide added focus for your treatments and rehab planning.


Format: PDF document (download)

Number of pages: 11

Occupational Therapy and Neurology

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