It's That Time Again! Happy OT Month!

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it is already APRIL? In the United States, April = OT month, which's time to CELEBRATE. Yes, one of our specialities-celebrating. Celebrating victories big and small. As practitioners, we celebrate the victories of our clients. As students, we celebrate making it past another week of clinical rotations and never-ending exams. As researchers, we celebrate getting participants for our experiments.

No matter what point in your OT career you are in- just remember to celebrate. At The OT Hub, we want you to join in on this month-long celebration. I encourage you to contribute to our therapy blog- tell us about your favorite OT founder, your favorite practice setting, your favorite OT memory. Send us photos of funny OT memes or you celebrating a huge presentation on pediatrics or technology.

Our profession has so much to offer and it is so important to spread the word about what we do. I am so thankful to be the part of a profession that prides itself in serving others through education, prevention, and client-centered care. I am thankful that there are opportunities for mentorship whether in our schools or through virtual platforms such as The OT Hub.

Please share with us what YOU will do to celebrate the profession not just this month, but during every day. I know that the first week of April is going to start with a bang as many of us venture to New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States for the Annual AOTA Conference & Expo! From poster presentations, networking, and catching up with old friends- there will definitely be a lot to celebrate.

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to meet up at the conference to meet some of our wonderful U.S. Hub Team!

Take care and HAPPY OT Month!!

Sue Ram


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