How OT helps me live with BPD

  • I have discovered how occupations contribute to who I am ❓

  • I have learnt how to simplify my daily life so that living with Borderline Personality Disorder is more manageable 💪

  • I have explored new occupations that can help me when I am stressed ✌️

  • I have identified which occupations contribute to managing my BPD 😀

  • I have made new friendships and deeper connections with people through meaningful occupations 🌳

  • I have connected with a deeper sense of who I am through new occupation 🍃

  • I have a deeper sense of my purpose here on Earth through my occupations 🌏

  • I am learning how to love myself and teaching others self-love through the occupations I choose ❣

What does occupational therapy mean to you?

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