Diwali (The festival of Lights) and Occupational Therapy

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

By Charmi Shah - Occupational therapist and Community Forum Lead

The word Diwali is coined from the Sanskrit work Deepavali which means row of lamps. Diwali also known as festival of lights is the most popular festivals of Hinduism which spiritually signifies ‘victory of light over darkness’! This cultural and spiritual festival is celebrated in India and by Indian origin people around the world.

Being an occupational therapist, we talk about our holistic approach to treatments - but we usually forget our fourth dimension i.e spirituality. Spirituality is more than just believing in god and goddess, it’s more than religion and faith, it is more about hope, about being ourselves and reflecting on it. It’s a path towards finding our inner light and reaching the stage of self actualisation (remember Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs). Even if we cringe over this, let’s accept the fact that humans are spiritual beings!

Festivals like Diwali, besides being spiritual in nature also add sense of participation, a sense of belonging to community, while giving a sense of hope. It strengthens family bond and relationships while adding a sense of happiness and value.

Incorporating spirituality and activities related to festivities in our treatments would make us holistic in a true sense. This is what OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY is all about... adding MEANING TO LIFE isn’t it?

So this festive season, keep enlightening and enriching lives.


Happy Diwali and Greetings from India!

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