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Current/Future Events

Event Highlights

  • Exploring Occupations in Occupational Therapy
    Date TBC
    Online webinar series
    The Occupational Therapy Hub presents its first ever live event series! We will highlight, explore and amplify voices, visions, passions and varied Occupational Therapy practice areas and settings, around the world.

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Past Conferences

 The Occupational Therapy Show (UK)   2017 - 2019  |  NEC Birmingham

Shelley, Bill, Sarah, Jamie on stand
Hub Team at The OT Show 2018
New Member receives a Hydrant (2018)
Visitors and Hub Team (2018)
Hub Team and new Members (2018)
Hub's Jamie + Sarah at OT Show stand
Alice Hortop - LaughingOT talk
Dr Iwama - Life is like a Kawa river
The Occupational Therapy Show

 Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conferences (UK) 
2018: Midlands, Cambridge, Llanelli (Wales), Kent, Southampton
2019: Leeds, Devon, Cambridge, Reading, Kent, Cardiff

Jessie and Jamie at OTAC Reading
Bill, Sarah, Jamie at OTAC Cambridge
Bill and Jamie at OTAC Devon
Jamie at OTAC Kent
Jamie filming for OTAC promo video
OTAC Jamie + Sarah with delegates

 Naidex (UK)   2018  |  NEC Birmingham

Jamie, Sarah Shelley The OT Hub (Naidex 2018)
Moving & Handling Lab Naidex 2018
Hub Team travel to Naidex 2018
Hub Collaboration Lead Sarah, Naidex
Naidex 2018