Dec 3, 2018

LiFE (lifestyle-integrated functional exercises)


Does anyone have experience using the LiFE approach for falls prevention within a community care setting? It would be great to hear how it has worked in practice.

Dec 3, 2018

Hi there @eve.cooper1. Thanks for engaging in the Community Forum! We've not come across LiFE before, but it seems like a sensible (and evidence-based) tool for falls prevention 👍 Having a quick search online, it seems this is used a fair bit in Australia.


The following is some useful guidance we've found: www.stayonyourfeet.com.au/updates/lifestyle-integrated-functional-exercise-program-instructor-training/


The below link takes you to a PDF document, from the Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Sydney. It's pretty comprehensive...



Hopefully these will be helpful! But we know you're looking for first-hand feedback on LiFE's use. Would you be happy for us to share your Forum post on our social media channels? This will draw your question to the attention of our Members, to help you out! The OT Hub Team hubteam@theOThub.com

Dec 3, 2018

Thanks for the reply and information. Yes if you could share the post that would be great.

Dec 7, 2018

Hi @eve.cooper1. I've seen a few responses to your query from others on social media - just passing them on to you: Nadia: "Yes its a fantastic way to engage frail members of the community in exercise."

David: "Hong Kong OT Association organise course on this too"

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