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Turkey Occupatıonal Therapy

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Hı Dear

I am Occupatıonal Therapist in Turkey. I gradutaed Usküdar Universty Department of Occupatıonal Therapy.Occupatıonal Therapy new professional in Turkey.

 We have a problem.There are a total of Occupatıonal Therapist 300 graduated in Turkey.

The founder Sensory integration Therapy Association of Turkey a Physiotherapist. They offer a sense integration course with the ICEASI.This association is not fair to O.T . It was written that the physiotherapists knew the best way to integrate the sense. We cannot find work in Turkey because all physiotherapists are doing sensory integration therapy If this continues, all O.T will become worthless. 

I will go to İreland for Engilish Course next year. My English is now pre intermediate..I want you to help me with English and other topics. I will stay at least 8 month in Ireland.I want to master of Occuaptıonal Therapy.I thought about the Cork English Academy for the English course.Your ideas on this matter are very important to me

Thank you.

My website www.suleymansert.com

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