Nov 26, 2018

Advice - UL treatment for Athetiod CP


Hi im a new OT a month into my first post and im hoping for some advice. I have been asked to create a UL program for a pt with Athetiod CP and itention spasms. the programe is to work on smooth movements, torso involvment and shoulder over extention. I dont have a clue where to start so advice would be apreicated .

Nov 28, 2018

Hi there Lisbet, Thanks for getting involved in the Community Forum! To raise awareness amongst other Members of your new post, would you be happy for us to share this across our social media platforms? We expect you to get responses faster this way. Could you also clarify what you mean by 'itention' spasms? Many thanks The OT Hub Team hubteam@theOThub.com

Nov 29, 2018

Please do i would appricate it.


Intention spasms are what my physio college described them ass, basical her muscles tense when she trys 'tintends' to use the increasing her tone and making the movement more difficult and jerkym

Hi Lisbet,

Athetoid CPs usually have associated dyskinetic movements/involuntary movements...u  need to be sure whether they are spasms or involuntary movements. Work in weightbearing positions (weight bearing in sitting-unilateral or bilateral, u can also give back and forth rocking in quadruped position) .  The weightbearing will help decrease involuntary movements. Along with this try to give activities in mid ranges as it allows for balance between agonist and antagonist muscle groups.

hope this is helpful


Dec 12, 2018

Thanks for your input here [@Charmi Shah] - very helpful! Jamie @ The OT Hub Team

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